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mohammed kalkattawi
Date of Birth: 10 Sep, 1991
Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Contact Information
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Career objective: • Seeking a full-time job in which I can apply my skills and educational background knowledge in the field that matches my major. • Great desire to work in government or private sector including companies and establishments as these go with my nature and ambitions. • Great aspiration to develop myself within courses,
Education History
• 2014 - Bachelors, Finance
university of Business and Technology( GPA: 3.90/5 )
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Professional Experience
Work History
• administrator assistance , Euro consult company
Date Employed: Jan 2013 - Current
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Skills & Languages
Professional Skills
  • • Good communication with employees and clients
  • • Work in team and individual
  • • Good at presenting subjects and making slides presentation using PC.
  • • Solving small problems easily and quickly
Computer Skills
  • • Using computer programs very well (Widows – Microsoft office – Internet).
  • Arabic, Native
  • English, Advanced