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Date of Birth: 19 Aug, 1976
Nationality: Egypt
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Work permit: Required
Location: Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
Contact Information
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To enhance my working capacities, professional skills, business efficiencies and to serve the organization in best possible way with sheer determination and commitment
Education History
• 1996 - Diploma / Certificate, Electronics & Telecommunication
Technical Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication( GPA: 72/100 )
Banha, Egypt, Egypt
Course NameInstitute NameYear of completion
ICDL course (A1 Plant) 2006
Mobil course hardware & digital electronic (Alex University)2005
Computer Course (Hardware /Software) (Tanta University)2000
Electronic &Telecommunication training course (HNSI)1999
Professional Experience
Work History
• Senior Electronic / Instruments Technician , Woods Hole
Date Employed: Oct 2010 - Current
Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
// Roles & Responsibilities:

1- Perform regular calibration, programming, preventive and corrective maintenance of environment analyzers (Air quality/Water Lab/ Marine).
2- Perform installation, testing of meteorological sensors.
3- Repair electronic boards used in analog & digital instruments.
4- Write complete technical reports.
5- Field inspection for industries & facilities.

• Senior Electronic / Instruments Technician , RGME
Date Employed: Oct 2008 - Mar 2010
Jubail, Saudi Arabia
// Roles & Responsibilities:

1- Perform preventive, corrective maintenance for environmental instruments.
2- Perform Test, installation of GSM communication modem
3- Perform Test, installation of meteorological sensors, gas detector.
4- Perform Test of temperature controllers, electronic board, AC & DC drives.
5- Good knowledge in using sophisticated measuring instrument.

• Senior Electronic/ Telecommunication Technician , Menatel Smart Payphone co
Date Employed: Aug 2001 - Aug 2008
Tanta, Egypt
// Roles & Responsibilities:

1- Repair Payphone main board (Ascom - Schulmberger )
2- Repair Telephone private branch exchange (inside& outside)
3- Repair Payphone Management System (P.M.S)) module board.
4- Install& repair (ADSL) lines.
5- Replace defective components and repair circuit wiring.
6- Replace modules and major components.
7- Repair, modification, Digital circuit knowledge.
8- Repair, Test Telephone lines to& from main frame network.
9- Telecom installation & Router &Modem configuration.
10- Modification of electronic circuit & Telecom Cards.

• Telecommunication /Electronic Technician , Multinational Force & Observers
Date Employed: Feb 1999 - Mar 2000
Sinai, Egypt
// Roles & Responsibilities:

1- Repair, inspect, troubleshot, test telephone communication line.
2- Install, test HF- VHF radio receivers/transmitter (portable)
3- Repair (AC, DC) power supplies, lambda, Hewlett Packard, Aston.
4- Familiar with Electronic circuit diagrams& Electronic Parts.
5- Repair, Test Telephone lines from, to main frame network.
6- H/S ware for Motorola, Kenwood, Delta, HT600&HT1000, KH730.
7- Repair electronic motherboard for electronic devices.
8- Replace defective components, using hand tools and soldering iron.

Skills & Languages
Computer Skills
  • ICDL course (A1 Plant)
  • Computer Course (Hardware /Software) (Tanta University)
  • Mobil course hardware & digital electronic (Alex University)
  • Electronic &Telecommunication training course (HNSI)
  • Arabic, Native
  • English, Advanced